Monday, June 13, 2011

If Obama's Lips are Moving He Is Lying - Proof - Video

A video that outlines some of the many lies Obama has been passing around over the years. If you were dumb enough to vote for Obama you voted for Hope and Change. Think again! Obama is nothing more than The Liar in Chief as he attempts to transform the USA into a Socialist State. Watch the video (Proof) showing Obama in his own words lying on all the issues.

The "Marxist Liar in Chief". Our only hope is to elect as many 'True Conservatives' as we can in 2012.

UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion


Tina said...

That has to be the greatest compilation I have ever seen, ever. One minute I'm incensed and wanna throw my laptop, and then the next minute ILMAO. What an idiot we have running our country. It makes me wanna cry at how many sheep still believe in his lies. Thankyou for that useful comp

Goverment Mess said...

Hello and welcome Tina! I think I cover all the issues from a down to earth average conservative citizens perspective. I want to help wake up the masses that either don't care or are liberal drones that believe government is the answer to every problem.

It's painfully clear that Govt is NOT the solution to any of our problems, in fact IT IS THE PROBLEM.

Please come back again soon and take care.