Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Sarah Palin as Dumb as They Say She Is? (Video)

If Obama had been a Conservative all these gaffes would have been Headline News. The Media is pathetic and completely untrustworthy. There have been so many flubs by Obama, Biden, and this administration in 3 years it is unreal. I'm surprised they didn't insert the clip where he says he has been to all 57 states.

The Liberal Media and Hollywood make up lies about Sarah Palin and report/disparage her in any way they can. This is a distraction meant to take the drones eyes off Obama's Incompetence.

The truth is they fear her very much and that is why they assault her with half truths and outright lies to convince the masses that she is stupid. If you repeat something over and over long enough people (Lemmings) start to believe it. That is why many American's assume Sarah Palin is stupid when the truth is that she is not.

Palin/Perry 2012!

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