Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Do Liberals Hate The USA? This Is Why - Video

Why does our President apologize every where he goes around the world? Why is it that Michelle Obama was never proud of the USA until her husband was elected President. Why is it that Obama and the Liberals desire to "fundamentally transform" our great nation? The speech below is why in my opinion.

I believe this mentality is why the liberals dislike the USA. They think our country is horrible, yet they continue to reside here. Why? Obama's pastor and close friend Rev. Wright gave speeches condemning the USA as well. Black Liberation Theology is built on the fact that the USA is evil and oppressive.

The truth of the matter is that the USA is the most generous and compassionate nation in the world. I can't stand these scumbag spreaders of Hatred and Racism like Farrakhan. They are convincing sheeple to hate the very country they live in. Sick

Obama's mentor and father figure Hates The U.S.of KKKA! Obama never knew his close friends radical views even though he was listening to him for over 20 years? B*ll Sh*t!

I say leave if it is such a horrific place to live.

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