Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ABC Attacks Bachmann for Christian Beliefs on Gays

Question, where was all this investigating when Obama was running for POTUS?

This is the main stream media doing what it does best. They will investigate a conservative and pick them apart to find anything they can put a spin on to cast them in a negative light. I see nothing wrong with the Bachmann's counseling center but of course the liberals will because 'The Gaying of America' is high on their priorities list.

I have developed a real hatred for the M.S.M. and I believe many others have as well. The networks are collectively attacking Palin, Bachmann, and others they feel threatened by. Whether it be like the piece posted here or segments done on Saturday Night Live where they portray their foes as airheads and idiots unfit to tie their own shoes. The drones in this country see this over and over and believe it to be true. The old saying goes "If you hear something repeated over and over it becomes the truth", to the drones at least. Unfortunately this country is loaded with lazy uninformed people and that is where websites like this one (via Right Scoop) can wake people up to the facts and the real truth. The Liberal MSM is and has been brain washing its citizens for far too long. They demonize capitalism and success while promoting the socialist agenda such as lies about global warming and the need for Cap and Tax to save our planet (Hog Wash). They want a total entitlement society, i.e. Socialist State. Drunk with power they want more and more control over every aspect of our lives. With that we see our freedoms perish.

Liberals and RINO's are destroying our nation. Government can NOT create jobs in the private sector they can only create more Government jobs that make the problem/deficit worse. Ronald W. Reagan was a genius in many ways but this quote will be remembered forever by true Conservatives "Government is NOT the Solution to our Problems, Government IS THE PROBLEM!"

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