Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bush & Wounded Warriors - This is a Real President (Vid)

Wounded Warriors & President Bush (July 4th, 2011)

Bush Haters don't have the courage to watch this. Bush is a great man and leader, this proves it.

I have always supported President Bush, he is a true patriot and he clearly loves this country and our Hero's in the Military. Every President makes mistakes and he made a few, spending too much mainly. The Stimulus concept started in his term and the prescription drug program was a huge hand out also. Not to mention the start of the Bail Out bull crap just before he got out of office. That's about it.

Obama will never display 1% of this kind of Patriotism, Love of our Military, Class, or Love of Country that Bush has repeatedly through out his career. I would gladly take W back as my POTUS, right frigging now! Thank you and God bless you President G. W. Bush.

Hat Tip to Paula the Conservative and wonderful Family member for bringing this to my attention.

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