Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama Won't Call Terrorists 'Terrorists' but the Tea Party Are Terrorists?

The disgusting repetitive hypocrisy from The Obama administration and the National Media never stops. Bernie Goldberg was on Bill O's show (who I no longer care to watch) the other night and made some excellent points. The biggest point was that Obama and his followers told us we can't call Terrorists what they are, Terrorists. But it is perfectly fine for them to call us 'Tea Party Patriots' (millions strong) that peaceably assembled to express our displeasure with out of control Governemnt Spending 'Terrorists'.

I have had it with the intolerant left telling us how to behave and then they turn right around and do themselves what they said was a bad thing. The inmates are running the asylum, that's a fact! Bernie explains below, enjoy.

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