Monday, August 8, 2011

Poor Americans are Wealthiest in the World - Rich VS Poor

Despite what you hear from the media and the Democrat party, the poor are getting richer. In fact, America's poor are so rich, we should be celebrating it. Bill Whittle has the facts to back it up, enjoy the truth. PS, the end is the best.

If we took all the Rich peoples money, 100% of it, it wouldn't even put a small dent in our out of control spending addiction, also known as the debt. Raising taxes is not the solution. Shrinking Government is the only viable solution. The unfortunate thing is that the majority won't wake up until things have gotten horrible in their own lives. It may be too late by that time. If the Dollar crashes this will no longer be the greatest nation on earth. For the first time in our Country's history we will be offering our future generations less opportunity and fewer freedoms. Worst of all we will be burdening generations with endless debt that they will have to pay for. Educate all by sharing this video by any means you have.

How much would they have if we took away Medicaid, housing allowances, welfare and food stamps?

If you are supported by the government you should have no right to vote. Of course all the welfare recipients will vote for their sugar daddy, Democraps.

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