Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Party Confronts Obama on Biden’s ‘Tea Party Terrorist’ Smear

Liberals are Cowards, Obama proves it in this (Tax Payer Funded Campaign Tour) Speech at a Town Hall this past weekend. Good to see Obama is leading by example and "tightening his belt" for our over all good. Sarcasm intended.

The Obama Classic Marxist Liberal Redirection to avoid answering the question, this is how the Liberals operate. When a Tea Party Patriot asked "How Can You Bring People Together When Your VP (Biden) Called The Tea Party 'Terrorists'?" Of course Obama "the all knowing" didn't come close to answering the question.

They (Libs) spew misinformation through out all the media and TV shows and it will sway the majority of drones to vote Democrap. This is what they do, lie, deceive, cheat, and steal from future generations to advance their Nanny State Socialist Utopia they call 'Redistribution of Wealth' in the name of 'Social Justice'. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots; therefore, providing the inspiration ‘To Be’ a have-not. Liberals want to have class warfare and destroy the ‘Capitalist System’ that has made the USA the 'Land Of Promise' for over 2+ centuries. The Bastian of Hope around the world is being 'Fundamentally Transformed' into Fedzilla the ever expanding monster. If you take all the 'Rich' peoples money it still won't put a tiny dent into the black hole of debt. Taxing the people can NOT solve our Spending Problem. Simple common sense tells you that.

Liberalism must be defeated one way or another. We will try to handle it the way it's supposed to work in Nov. 2012. Let’s clean house, get every able body to the voting booths but educate them first. That last part is very important, challenge people to the facts and the truth that the National Media/Hollywood and all Liberals Hide from us. God Bless True Conservatives, the rest can be collateral damage. I think it is God’s way of weeding out the weak and stupid.

Updated Video! Obama Conversation With Tea Partier Gets Heated

Thanks to BreitbartTV for the bottom video.

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