Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fear Me - I Am The Tea Party

I am the Tea Party.

I was busy for many years building this country, my family our future and yours and trusted those I put in office to watch over the gift God gave us…THIS COUNTRY.
However, while I labored and toiled and nourished my family, cherished my friends and looked forward to their bright futures, you had other plans. Plans, Yes Grand plans to enslave us to Debt. Debt so large I cannot even comprehend it. Plans for Government control of every aspect of our lives. Government so intrusive it stifles my very existence and ability to survive and provide for those I love.

Since I came back from the past to the present, I am called everything from terrorist, madly insane, perverted sexual act, yahoo with no teeth, dumb imbecile not smart enough to tie my own shoes, hicks, selfish, greedy, old white people, Uncle Tom and on and on.

Really! Let me tell you who I am.

I am the one who has taken my life and put it on the line, in some cases, I gave up my chance to have a full life and all that entails, I went all over the world to keep you safe in a hostile world of dictators and tyrants bent on your destruction and enslavement. I am paid so little that some times my family has to ask for help just to get by while I am away….I am the Tea Party.

I get up and do the work you in power would never do because it is beneath you. Yet you ridicule me, belittle my effort, and call me fly over country. Because of me you have food on your table, you see I work from sun up to sun down sometime in heat, rain, and everything in between. You see I don’t have a choice I get it done or it does not get done .You have water to drink, roads to drive on, cars to drive and so many things, I could go on for years naming them. You see I am the Tea Party.

I am Black, White, Brown and every color in between. I am rich, poor, middle class and no class. I am Democrat, Republican, Conservative, and Independent I am not with any party. I am religious and not so religious. I have never gone to church; I go every week and Wednesday. You see it has nothing to do with any of that “I Love My Country” and I turned around to see it being destroyed before my very eyes. And I am standing with million and millions of others and saying “STOP” I Am the Tea Party

I have worked my whole life and ready to retire or am just starting out in my life. I just got a job, does not pay much but it is a start, or I just lost my job and wonder what the future holds and the fear that goes with that. I am to young to fully understand what is happening to my country but my future is dieing before my eyes and I need to get it back. I am older and have seen what my country has become and remember what it use to be like. You see I am not those names you call me. I am an American. I Am the Tea Party.

I do not want the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution dragged through the mud and spit on as you are doing and laughing at me because I believe our Founders meant what they wrote down. I, like them, cherish the Liberty and Freedoms laid out in those two documents. In addition, you are killing my country with your lies and half-truths and fear tactics. Is it any wonder I rose up in opposition to you and I will not stop until I am satisfied that you are relegated to the trash heap of History, a failed socialist idea that only kills the spirit of man and leaves Him with nothing but despair and hopelessness.

I am the one who stands up to the vile attacks, (the likes of which the pit of hell could not have dreamed up) on some one like Sarah Palin and her family. You do not understand, when you attack her you are going after me and I out number you, 2010 is nothing compared to what will happen in 2012. You see I am “WE THE PEOPLE” and I am no longer going to sit by while you drag my country to the edge of the pit to destroy it so you can remake it into your image. You see I am back now. I am the tea Party.

In other words, The Tea Party is every day people like you, in every lifestyle doing every conceivable job making this the best place on earth to live. Moreover, we will be the ones (along with many Prayers) that will turn this country around.

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