Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Liberal Hoffa: "War on Tea Party Sons of Bitches!"

Mr. Hoffa was introducing President Obama for a Labor Day rally in Michigan. The liberals on the left have been vile and full of hate speech towards the peaceful Tea Party Patriots of America, what happened to 'Civility' Obama and you Lemmings and Lap Dog Media followers? After Hoffa's hate speech against the Tea Party Obama comes on and praises him for his fine work (2nd Video). Liberals = Hypocritical Cowards & Liars. They are all the same, filth.

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Obama is praising Hoffa, not calling for civility. The Tea Party never said anything to deserve the 'call for civility' sermons the left spouted just after the Gifford shooting incident. Now when their side (politicians) comes right out and says we want "blacks to hang from trees" and they say "The Tea Party is a bunch of Racists" and now Hoffa calls for a war on the "Tea Party Sons of Bitches" this is just fine with Obama the hypocrite/liar in chief, as seen below.

Thanks to Breitbart TV for the videos

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