Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama's Green Jobs Fraud/Scam Cost Taxpayers Half Billion+

This is the biggest fraud and scam perpetrated upon the taxpayers of the USA! Over half a Billion dollars went to this "Green Jobs" farce called Solyndra knowing full well that it was going to fail. Liberals can literally steal and commit crimes of enormous proportions and get a free pass every time.

Obama and his radical administration is committing the biggest crimes (don't forget 'Fast and Furious') against this nation in history but he will be heralded by the (Libtards) Media/Hollywood as a Hero nonetheless.

Praise Obama and his Thug Administration for 'Fundamentally Transforming America' into a 3rd world sh1t hole!

Mark Levin had a caller on that worked at Solyndra and she said everyone knew that the company would go bankrupt, even the Obama administration.

Shockingly NBC did cover the story below.

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