Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tears Of An Eagle: Remembering 9/11 a Decade Later

I shed tears on every 9-11 anniversary but this one more than all the rest. Those that say the USA deserved to be attacked and that innocent lives lost was justified are sick individuals that need to suffer the way we all did on that horrific day. To 'The 9-11 Truthers' you are the lowest of scum and do not deserve to live in the USA. You are all Anti-American just like our current administration.

This video is designed to remind us of the horror, paralyzing fear, frightening uncertainty, and heartbreaking agony that pierced our national conscience on September 11th, 2001. The events of 9/11 left scars and pain, but that pain serves as a reminder of just how vigilant we must be in our defense of liberty. This video is meant to reflect the pain that we must never forget, in order to always remember why we must never give up our defense of liberty.

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