Monday, October 10, 2011

President Herman Cain? Amazing Speech - Video

The liberals call him an 'Uncle Tom' and a 'Sell out' for being a Common Sense Thinking Conservative black man. He isn't part of the pity party race baiting liberal drones of the left. I will vote for Herman Cain (for POTUS) until someone else can prove to be a better conservative than he is here in this great speech, enjoy. H/T Right Scoop


The Silent Majority said...

The more I here from Cain the more I am convinced he is the standard bearer for conservatives across the nation. He is plain spoken and principled. Something Romney and Perry lack.

Government Mess said...

I loved the guy but this latest tv ad that just came out makes me wonder what the hell he is thinking. We need a strong conservative not a guy all over the map on what he stands for. Thanks for stopping by TSM, I greatly appreciate it.