Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Protester Wants Free Stuff But Can't Explain Why - Video

This is the mindset of 99% of the occupy wall street (bums) protesters. This just blows my mind, watch.... Markets go through cycles, this is reality. The thing the world envies Americans for is our right to take a shot at something great. If you invent something or create something useful you can live the American dream. In most countries your background excludes you from becoming wealthy. Everybody wants free crap is the bottom line here. Somehow the banking industry, of which I am not a part of, is to blame for students leveraging up and getting master’s degrees in "Anthropology". Yeah, real useful. Get a degree in math or engineering then complain to me about the job market. The 500 richest people in America are not bankers you idiots. They created something of value and they sacrificed to get there. Instead of sitting around saying you want bankers to pay for your new plasma tv, go to that bank and pitch them a new idea and get a loan to start a company. Be of use to society. I wish I could trade these brain-dead people for immigrants dying to get a shot at the American dream where you have the opportunity, not the right, to be a winner.

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