Monday, October 17, 2011

Protesters Demand Socialism - Usefull Idiots For Obama - Vid

Here you have to most sane of the insane protesters explaining what all Liberals desire, a socialist U.S.A. She has a college degree but can't find a job, so in her opinion that means capitalism has failed. Since when does having a college degree mean you are guaranteed a job right out of college? These spoiled brats and drugged up punks need to clean themselves up and start out at the bottom if need be just like most of us hard working American's have. I started out washing dishes then became a cook and then eventually a manager. No one spoon fed me opportunities. There were no jobs so I had to take what was available. These bottom feeders at these protests are looking for government to take care of them. They have no clue what a socialist USA would really look like. Our school system has brainwashed an entire generation into thinking the government is supposed to solve all our problems. This young lady is a perfect example of it, watch.

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