Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reagan vs. Obama's Lies - A Must Listen if You Love The USA

Obama is the complete opposite of my Hero R. W. Reagan. Reagan was the greatest president in my lifetime (44). I remember when he came to Fairbanks Alaska to meet with the Pope back in 1983. I was a junior in High School and his motorcade passed by the school and he and Nancy took the time to acknowledge us school kids in awe of the unfolding event. It was a moment in time that I will never forget as they smiled and waved vigorously to make sure we knew they saw us. He was a very caring loving man that loved the United States as it was intended by our founding fathers to be. Best of all Reagan was a damn good leader and stood by his beliefs regardless of any special interest group/s. Mark Levin exposes Obama's Lies about Reagan. Obama claims (falsely) that Reagan would support his Marxist/Socialist policies and his latest half trillion dollar 'Jobs Bill' that is really a 1.5 trillion dollar tax increase. Everyone needs to know the truth and Mark explains here very well, enjoy. My how different it is today eh? Mr.Obama you are an Anti-American POS and you have no love for this nation you so desperately want to destroy and recreate in your Marxist/Socialist image. We will toss your a$$ out in 2012 and repair the damage you have inflicted upon our future generations. That's not a threat it's a promise. May God Bless All True Conservatives.... the rest are clueless.

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