Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TEA PARTY Invades OCCUPY Wall Street - Video

You can't find any footage like this of any Tea Party, Fact. These union bought protesters are foul mouthed Anti-American jerks and this video shows just that. Out of all of the thousands of Tea Parties that were held all over the USA you will never see people acting like this. Tea Party Patriots are respectful and love the USA. They want to fix the out of control spending and corruption in Government. The Wall Street loons demand more Government goodies while bad mouthing the USA and Capitalism. Capitalism is why the USA is the envy of the world. Freedom is the most powerful gift man can have. We are free to be wall street bums and beggers (protesters) or to work hard starting out at the bottom and work our way up to being a productive member of society. This is the difference between the Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals think Government is the solution to all their problems. Conservatives know the solution is within the individual to decide, if they want to work hard they will become something but it takes time. A Liberal has never worked hard for a living, if they have ever worked at all. The video speaks for itself.

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