Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bachmann on Fallen Show "Lying Ass B!tch" Liberals=Hypocrites

This makes me sick, just more liberal bias and hypocritical double standards. If Michelle Obama had been introduced and they had played this same song the national media would have flipped out and this would be headline news. All the rights groups would have expressed outrage and demanded the Jimmy Fallon Show be taken off the air BUT this is a Conservative so it's perfectly ok to use dirty tactics. This is why TV/Hollywood and the National Media is all liberal propaganda, all of it. They can't be trusted ever again and they sure don't report the truth. They continue to brainwash the useful idiots into believing Socialism is paradise when in fact it will be the death of the American Dream.
This is also more proof that the so called 'civil rights groups' only stand up for Liberals and Democrats.

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