Friday, November 18, 2011

Government Out Of Control - A Time For Choosing

$15 Trillion in debt? Green Energy scams for billions in tax payers’ dollars, given away even when they knew the company was going to go bankrupt. Fast and Furious, an evil plot gone wrong by our liberal agenda driven White House. This story backfired on them. They wanted to justify taking away American's 2nd amendment rights to bear arms by showing American guns flooding across the border and being used by the Mexican drug lords and mafia. The story was leaked that it was our own government giving guns to cold blooded murderers. Our Government is guilty of at least aiding and abetting murder. A Border Agent was murdered by a Mexican thug using one of those guns. So many scandals to choose from and the media covers it all up.

Don't you think it is time that we all get involved to try and save our children and grandchildren’s futures?

Reagan was so right in this speech. It fits our crisis today. History repeats itself, it's true. The young and lazy want government to solve all their problems. They don't think they should have to work hard to achieve success. It should be handed to them for free, so they think.

We are at a tipping point in the USA. With our debt crisis and an out of control, corrupt, Marxist Socialist Government spending money we do not have. We must wake up and elect politicians that espouse smaller and much more limited Government.

True Conservatives are what most American's are. We have to live within a budget and spend our money using common sense. Our Government hasn't even proposed a constitutionally required budget since Obama has been President! Obama, and his administration should be charged for not upholding their sworn oaths to "Protect and defend the Constitution".

The National Media along with Hollywood, Obama and his Radical Friends are trying to destroy The American Dream that is Capitalism and The Free Market System. They want a Socialist USSA where everyone is equal. "Redistribution of Wealth" = Government takes from the productive and gives it to the unproductive in the name of "Social Justice".

Our Government has been hijacked by Marxist Radicals that are never held accountable for their crimes because of a corrupt media that won't report it. If anyone blames Obama for his failures they are called racists and dismissed instantly.

What can we do? Educate yourselves and others to the truth. The truth is NOT in The National Media! In fact the truth has been nearly silenced. Only one TV News Station reports truth and that is Fox Cable News.

The Gods of truth are on the radio. My two favorites are Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. They are correct 99.9% of the time and will wake you right up to what is going on. I get my truth / information online at websites such as The Drudge Report, Reaganite Republican, Breitbart, The Lonely Conservative, Hot Air, The Gateway Pundit, Right Scoop, American Parchment, American Thinker and many more.

I visit most of those sites daily to stay on top of the important issues. The National Media / Hollywood is all Liberal Propaganda designed to brainwash you and anyone else ignorant / dumb enough to watch / read / listen to it. Vote True Conservative in 2012 and we have a chance at saving our future generations American Dream.

"The only religion that matters is the one within your heart."

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