Friday, November 11, 2011

Joe Walsh "Government is the Problem!" - Video

I agree 100% with Joe Walsh. This clip has made the rounds and most of the national media ridicule Mr. Walsh for shouting down these pushy constituents with the truth. They wouldn't let him respond so he raised his voice and made his point, rather well I might add. These fools that blame banks and successful businesses for the economic mess we are in have been brainwashed by liberal propaganda. Redistribution of wealth is what Obama and the Democrats/Liberals want and class warfare/class envy is how they intend to achieve Socialism. Liberals and Democrats think that Government is the solution to all their problems when in fact "Government Is The PROBLEM". Why would a business stay here when they are attacked with uncertainty, increasing regulations (red tape) and increasing taxes? These constituents agree with the protesters at wall street too. Warning lannguage. Violence Racism They want government to take care of their every need too. They don't have the smarts to realize that if they had the type of government they are asking for they would have no rights or freedoms in a Socialist Nation. An all-powerful government they wish for takes all freedom and liberty from the people. Show me an example of a socialist system where the people are free and can enjoy the fruits of their labor? It doesn't exist!


Glenn Raymond said...

Liberals only use other peoples money, they have used all of mine. Liberals think they are only taking someone else's freedom, won,t they be supprised to find out it is their own.
Glenn Raymond

Glenn Raymond said...

The statist goal is not just confiscation of wealth, but ultimate power. If they win a dark age could fall upon the world as has never been seen before!