Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Occupy' Movement Is Not What Democracy Looks Like

It's so nice to see the truth reported in the media and as always Fox is reporting the truth.

Every two years, our country conducts federal elections to determine the course of the country on significant public policy issues. This mechanism – free, fair elections – is the centerpiece of our representative democracy.
In between elections, of course, citizens are free to petition their government for redress of grievances, and they can pass judgment on the extent to which their current representatives respond to those grievances at the next election. This system is now being attacked by radical, undemocratic protesters in the so-called Occupy Movement.

The occupiers arrogantly call themselves "the 99 percent,' but well over 50 percent of voters picked Republican candidates campaigning to restrict government power, and we can probably conclude – by virtue of their participation in the elections – that most voters who voted for Democrats also prefer electing their leaders to appointing them via street mob. Read More Truth Here

Thanks to all those at Fox News Cable for being the lone voice of truth on TV. The US media so corrupt it is scary. Liberal indoctrination through our schools (O.W.S. Protests) the national media and Hollywood have created a generation of useful idiots. OWS Protester "Lets raise hell and demand more government redistribution of wealth!" Take from the productive and give to the unproductive? That creates incentive to do absolutely nothing! More welfare is always the Liberal answer. Fedzilla is out of control and our futures are in grave danger. Vote True Conservative in 2012!

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