Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain - Lynched By The National Media

This was a National Media Lynching of a Conservative Black Man based on unproven allegations. People should be ashamed to have believed the crap they were saying on TV and the National Media. I had to set my wife straight, she said he was guilty because he gave the last woman money. I told her he gave lots of people money in these rough times. He is a religious man and he would help friends and family in need. The Media hyped the allegations and reported them to be true. Of course if all the talk is about these ‘scandalous’ accusations being true 24/7 on TV, Radio, News Papers and Online the court of public opinion is going to be that he is guilty. The National Media is lower than low and it is beyond disgusting. Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and in one case raped a woman but the National Media made little of it. They covered up for him. They said it was his sex life and that should be separate from his job as President. Then they helped carry him into a second term. Clinton was guilty and no problem but a Conservative is unfairly assumed to be guilty? Conservatives are hated and demonized in any way possible (Lies) by the National Media. I feel very bad for Herman Cain and his family. The National Media will never regain my trust. Cain would have been a great President. We could have finally had a non-establishment President in there to clean house because he has no ties to any special interest groups. Oh well. I Hate The National Media and the Hollywood Elites. Here is his speech about his decision to step down.

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