Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Narcissist Obama "I'm The Fourth Best President in American History"

The self-adulation is very telling of a Narcissistic Socialist/Marxist. He feels he has accomplished much with Socialized Healthcare and crippling our economy resulting in welfare votes like never seen before. He is very proud of our weak appearance in the world too. Obama is succeeding in destroying everything great about our country while he lives high on our children and (great)grandchildren’s tax dollars. How can any President be so outwardly proud on National TV of what he has done when so many are suffering in record numbers due to his policies? Oh yes while he sits on 60 Minutes and says he is the 4th best president in history he also says our grave economic situation is still because of Bush, 3+ years after Bush has been gone. Only a Liberal could get away with such sickening crap as Obama is doing. Watch him and have your sickness bags ready. Obama Takes ZERO Responsibility For Current Economy Related: U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Pays Homage to Obama—But Not Jesus (CNSNews.com) - The 63-foot Sierra White Fir lighted at the U.S. Capitol Grounds on Dec. 6 as the official 2011 Capitol Christmas Tree includes a prominently displayed ornament paying homage to President Barack Obama, but includes no ornament readily visible to a person standing near the tree's base that uses the word “Christmas,” or includes an image of the Nativity, or bears the name or image of Jesus Christ. On the north side of the tree--at a height of about 4 feet and easily visible to people standing near it---there is an ornament that says: “I ♥ President Obama.” Read Full Story Here

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