Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

I like much of what he says but to claim all people that go to church are broken? Church is an infection? Give me a break. That's very far out and discredits much of his assertions. I know many young people will love this because it is anti-Christianity and that's all the rave these days. Watch and make your own call.

All this tells me is the indoctrination process of the liberal's is in full effect. Heck our Public Education System, National Media, TV, Hollywood is pumping out little liberals/democrats left and right. SICK

My religion/church is my heart and mind. I do what I feel is right but I also find myself being drawn towards a God/Christ like figure at heart as I learn more and more about the real world. I believe Christianity is very important to almost everything, as it was the original guide of what is right and wrong through time, including today. When people are lost and feel hopeless they have a place to turn to and that place is Christianity and God. I loathe the people that hate Christianity and want to destroy it just because they think they are superior to it. More and more I find that people are very complacent about this issue. When real tragedy strikes these people they may change their minds. It changed mine.

I lost my first-born son at 3.5 months old to SIDS. He was a healthy happy baby the night before when I had him on my knee feeding him his first taste of chocolate cake. His eyes lit up with excitement and he knew he wanted more. We played with him as he scooted across the floor on his back kicking his newly discovered moves. Seeing his lifeless body broke my heart. The Pain and torment is indescribable when you lose a precious child. I never needed God more than at that time, as did my ex-wife. We joined church after church and were desperate for any sign of a God or higher being. I never got the answers I was looking for but the tragedy made me who I am today.

One thing I know more than anything is that I will be with him again someday as well as all my lost loved ones, including pets. I do think we are judged for our hearts/souls if not now at the end of this life. I don't go to church but I am probably as religious as one can be within my heart. I implore all to keep an open mind at least, because if there is a God/Jesus (and I believe more every day that there is) you can at least say I never ruled the possibility out. Always leave room to possibly be wrong, be humble and I believe it will pay off in more ways than one.

May God Bless You All, whether you are religious or not.

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