Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christians Attacked By Muslims Here In The USA - Video

If this extremely disturbing video does not result in a Federal investigation into the human rights violations of those Christians physically attacked at the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival then we are watching the beginning of a new America, a MUSLIM AMERICA.

Warning violence and foul language. Everyone must see this to be aware of what is happening to our counrty.

This is what Islam does, takes over and imposes its beliefs upon us all. The Muslim religion is not about tolerance or love, it’s about Sharia Law and oppression of all things except their warped ideology. I live 20 miles from where this happened and I am disgusted and ashamed but not very surprised. This is why we must stop the flow of Muslims into our country, Now!

In this new America, a MUSLIM AMERICA, shariah-compliant Muslims have succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of the infidels. In the case of the Dearborn Arab Festival, you will see that the infidels are NOT the few, brave Christians who withstood the physical attacks by the blood-thirsty Muslims, but the fearful are those who have taken an oath to protect Americans. The fearful, are the Dearborn Sheriff and Police. Sadly, you will see the Police fearful of confronting the criminals and enforcing the law as they stand by watching "Muslims Gone Wild," attack the helpless Christians.

The United West predicts that success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt combined with the mounting fury of the "Arab Spring," coupled with the support of President Obama will result in an expansive, "strong-horse" onslaught of Muslim physical aggression, similar to this Dearborn disaster, all across the new, MUSLIM AMERICA.


Anonymous said...

There is only one solution when people act like mad dogs and work to enslave and murder you.

Arm yourselves and hunt down the mad dogs.

ALL Muslims must be rounded up and deported to Saudi Arabia regardless of where they were born.

PFFV said...

I don't know if that extreme of a measure needs to happen but we sure can stop letting them come in by the thousands. Thanks for the comment.