Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Supreme Court Fails To Uphold Constitution - Profiling Is Human Nature

The only concern seems to be being Politically Correct to our overlords and slave masters that are supposed to be representing us.

Human beings have been 'Profiling' for thousands of years so why is it such a horrible thing today? If we didn't profile our surroundings and the people around us we would be fools and easy prey. It is human nature and survival instincts; anyone that says they don't 'Profile' is a damned liar.

Israel profiles and they never have any terrorists getting on their planes do they? Nope. Mark Levin explains this point in clear and concise detail here... a must listen. Our nation is becoming infested with liberal fanatics that believe all the left wing garbage (propaganda) being taught/fed to them in our Union Operated public school system. It's all around us, on TV, the Radio, in the social circles.

Liberalism is popular with the elite and with those that think Government is the Solution to all problems. These people don't live in reality; they don't believe we are in a crisis with a debt to the tune of $17 Trillion Dollars! We are Broke! Bankrupt! Government is the Problem! Spending more does not make your debt go away you damned idiot Liberals (and RINOS too)! So Obama is doing a great job at destroying the USA while we all haggle over every issue he brings into the frey.

Obama is evil people make no mistake about it. Vote out Obama or else! We may not be able to repair the damage in time to save our nation from 4 years of Obama don’t be stupid enough to give him 8.

Profiling has been made a dirty word by the left. Everyone profiles every minute of his or her lives, that's a fact.

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