Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Gov. Snyder - Thanks For The Higer Taxes and ObamaCare

I wasn't happy to hear that (So Called Republican) Gov. Rick Snyder (Michigan) is all for ObamaCare and isn't joining with fellow Conservative Governors refusing to implement it. I wrote him a little email below.

- Mr. Snyder I voted for you thinking you were going to be a strong conservative and obviously I thought wrong. You raised our taxes; support Socialized Medicine (ObamaCare).

You sir are no Republican. You are a RINO. You and your ilk are the problem NOT the solution to reversing the bloated massive size of Government.

The only solution is The Tea Party and their ideology of limited small non-intrusive government. Government is too big and we need to cut the size and scope of it A.S.A.P!

Many Governors (with spines) are doing the right thing by resisting the implementation of the unconstitutional ObamaCare but you want to impose it upon us.

I regret voting for you and will do everything to get you out of office. You and your kind are the enemy of our constitutional republic! -

I hate people that say they are "Conservative" and then raise taxes and side with socialist ideology, just sayin.

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