Monday, July 23, 2012

I don’t think people have a right to ‘semi-automatic rifles that can shoot 100 bullets at a time’

FOX News analyst and author Bill Kristol wants more gun control. The New York moderate told the FOX News Sunday Panel today, "I'm a squish on gun control. I think there's support for moderate forms of gun control."

If the dollar does indeed collapse our government will also. Calling 911 won't be an option anymore and the police will be gone. I want the ability to defend my family and my home with every option available including automatic weapons with large capacity magazines.

All these gun critics live in a fantasy land where government is the answer to all their problems. Governments do cease to exist but they just don't get it. Every day this Government gets bigger and bigger and the spending spins further out of control.

While they talk about taking away our freedoms and rights they could care less about a balanced budget. I think our government is criminally negligent for not meeting their constitutional requirement to propose and present a balanced budget.

We are one crisis away from collapse, be ready my friends.

Making something illegal only takes it away from those that abide by the law. The evil people still have the illegal weapons and will still use them for evil deeds. This is just a step towards taking away our right to bear arms, a liberal democrat's wet dream.

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