Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kathy Griffin Calls Palin's Daughters "Sluts - Whores" Mark Levin Responds

Imagine if a Conservative commentator called one of the Obama daughters a "Wh0re" or a "Slut" like Kathy Griffin calls Palin's young daughters often. There would be calls for resignations and boycotts of anyone that said these things if it were a Conservative. Liberals / Democrats get a free pass every time.

Women’s rights groups would be protesting. Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be preaching in the streets and inciting as much hate as they could. Hey it’s no big deal because it is a Conservative that is being abused not a Democrat/Liberal.

The double standard for liberals is just stunning. Time after time they cross the line that the Conservatives dare not to cross because they would be held to a different standard. Not to mention it is just inappropriate in the first place. This is why I Hate Libs! Mark expresses my feelings perfectly below. Thanks to Right Scoop for the great audio clip.

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