Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama The Destroyer - Non-Union Workers Get Screwed - Video

Obama and the Democrats tout how they saved G.M. from disaster but they didn't. G.M. will never pay back most of the tax payers money to the tune of about $25 Billion.

Delphi nonunion workers who worked side by side with union workers lost their pensions after the General Motors Bailout. Union workers kept their pensions.

Obama will sell everyone out for personal gain, Duh! Obama is the worst President in US history.

All he had to do to fix the economy is what Reagan did, lower taxes and unchain (deregulate) job creators. In Reagans first term he created over 20 million new jobs and turned the economic disaster around.

Obama never intended to make the economy better because he wants all of us on his Democrat Plantation suckling on the Government teat.

Update: The word on the street is that G.M. is going to need another 'Bailout', imagine that.

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