Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coulter: 'You Know Romney’s Statement Was Devastating to Obama Because the Media Is Screaming Bloody Murder'

This is so true! Ann Coulter nails it. Every time Romney says something about Obama's failures the media screams how horrible he is.

 Obama's apology and appeasment policies in the middle east have failed in a huge way, in fact even emboldening our Islamic Enemies as seen in Libya.

How could we let four American's be unprotected at a U.S. Headquarters in Libya on the anniversary of 9-11? They should have beefed up security at all U.S. bases. This is unexcuseable on every level.

To make things even worse Obama won't call it a Terrorist Act(Story Click Here), what a Coward!

Update Yemeni Mob Attacks US Embassy:

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