Saturday, September 22, 2012

Democrat Plantation Explained By Zo - Victoria Jackson Show

This is the truth that Democrat's hate to hear!

Don't be deceived by Victoria's seemingly airheaded demeanor she is very intelligent and a great Conservative warrior. Of course Victoria like all Conservatives will be degraded by the childish liberals.

As Zo says in this clip all Democrats can do is accuse Conservatives, because they can't debate like adults on the issues.

They call Conservatives Racists, Extremists, Right-Wing Terrorists but can't explain why killing the innocent is right. They can't explain why our nation is broke or how to fix it either. 

Zo explains how he woke up and changed from Democrat to Conservative and why most black Americans blindly choose to stay on the Democrat Plantation.

Alfonzo Rachel is our in studio guest today discussing his new book "Weapons Of A.S.S. Destruction", a handbook to help the Republicans learn how to fight off the same old, tired accusations that have been used against them for 50 years. And, why Black Americans continue to vote democrat even though their values are completely ignored.

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