Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soledad O'Brien VS. Peter King on 'Obama Apology Tour' Fire Works Video

Soledad O'Brien (CNN) is just another liberal hack that claims to report the truth but she is off her rocker yet again. Obama was overseas apologizing for The USA time after time in speech after speech, just because the national media didn't report those facts doesn't mean it wasn't the truth.

Peter King holds her feet to the fire considering it is her show.

It's just utterly amazing how these people can lie to the world and keep a straight face while doing it. They must believe their own B.S.

They are trying to brainwash everyone into thinking Obama deserves 4 more years so his grand plan can come to fruition.

The average American has awoken to the reality of Obama's deeds but many brain-dead mind numbed robots out there still think Bush is at fault, not Obama, thanks to the Liberal Media/Hollywood/Unions/Mobsters.

Then we have a record number of people suckling on the Government Teat that will automatically vote for more Government Goodies = Obammy.

If Obama gets 4 more years we are through as a freedom loving republic.

Government will be our Guide for all things in life.

No more prosperity, no more 'the sky is the limit’; we will be beholden to Massa Government to survive.

Vote Romney or Become Part of the Democrat Plantation. There is no turning back!

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