Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Hypocrisy of The Liberal National Media - Nothing New

There is no question the National Media is in the tank for Obama just as much today as it was before he was elected.

The stark contrast of standards in questioning a Democrat vs. a Republican is still pure hypocrisy. Republicans are handled as the enemy and Democrats are coddled as the ally.

Fox News Cable is the only Fair and Balanced News Network on TV period, everyone else is on the Democrats side, it's obvious to even the brain-dead but they still will deny it.

The choice is clear, Socialism and loss of our Freedoms = Obama or a return to the Constitution, Conservatism, Love of Country and getting our spending under control, Romney/Ryan.

I try to explain to people that the liberal bias is very stealthy and subliminal. People are being brainwashed and they don't even realize it. Virtually everything on TV has a liberal slant and hidden message that shapes the viewer’s opinions. example below.

Our battle is as much against the liberal national media and Hollywood as it is against the Marxist Socialist Obama.

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