Monday, October 15, 2012

Expert Economist Schools Obama in Basic Economics - Video

Democrats don't live in the real world and don't care about the facts or the truth. They just want everyone dependent upon Government to get their votes!

The brainwashing by our public schools, everything on TV, and Hollywood has created a massive population of Pro-Government Drones. These people think Government is the solution to all of their problems when in fact GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!

Nearly $17 Trillion in debt (mainly to Communist China) and these fools think spending more & faster is the solution?

The Democrats are living in a fantasy world that threatens our nation more than people know apparently. On our current course this country will collapse! It's not a question of if it will but when!

Vote Romney if you want to save our Republic from the brink of ruin!

Dr. Arthur Laffer, member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board and founder of the "Laffer Curve" debunks myths about current tax proposals and explains why lowering tax rates and broadening the tax base are the key to any budget balancing strategy.

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