Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama Disgrace "4 Dead Americans Not Optimal?" Video

First the Benghazi-Gate cover-up was called "Bumps in the Road" (Video Here) and now Obama says on The Jon Stewart Show that "If Four Americans get Killed it isn't Optimal." I wonder how the family and friends of these 4 dead American Diplomats feel about Obama's poor choice of words?

Blaming this terrorist attack on a Youtube Video for 2 weeks was bad enough now human lives are mere bumps in the road and not optimal for Obama, Pathetic!

Benghazi-Gate is far worse than Water-Gate ever was. No one died in the Water-Gate scandal. These "Bumps in The Road" repeatedly asked begged for more security many times before they were attacked and this sorry Obama administration blew them off.

Blood is on the hands of Obama and his scape-goat administration.

Benghazi-Gate! A little known interview from summer of 2012 with Ambassador Chris Stevens highlights the security concerns and open Islamic violence which led to the eventual killings of 4 Americans, and which were continually ignored and neglected by the Obama Administration and the State Dept.

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