Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shocking! Libya-Gate! Obama Administration Murders 4 American's! - Video

The Obama Media Has Not Reported This Yet in their efforts to protect their Messiah.

Fox News Cable is the only place on TV reporting this shocking new information. Witnessess on the ground say distress signals were ignored by Obama and his administration.

In the lower video Glenn Beck talks to the father (Charles Woods) of one of the fallen Navy Seals . He reveals a very cold Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton when his sons body came home. Biden asks Mr. Woods about his sons balls in a time of great sorrow. Obama couldn't look Mr. Woods in the eye when talking to him? Pathetic!

This is a must watch for every citizen of the world in my opinion!

Glenn Beck talks to very brave dead Seals Dad. Warning Shocking News Here! Part 1

Part 2

My Hero Rush Limbaugh exposes the truth on this whole Libya-Gate Scandal - Video!

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