Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Time For The Tea Party to Form! My Flag Flies Upside-Down!

The problem is there are two entities, the Republican Establishment and True Conservatives. The elitist establishment is NOT Conservative as it is supposed to be. They have have strayed away from their core values/principals and True Conservatives have not!

The time for a 3rd party is here. The Republican Party has abandoned its core conservative principals and values in exchange for staying in office. I think its time for The Tea Party to form and be put on the ballot next election cycle.
This nation will most likely collapse financially before Obama's second socialist term is done. We cannot correct the problems with compromise, moderation or by giving in to higher taxes! If this happens the Republican Party is dead.

Its time to support a party that we know what it stands for, The Tea Party! Constitutional Limited Small Federal Government that gives the power to the states and to the people!

Stick to the Constitution Stupid!

Like many concerned citizens I am flying my national flag upside down in protest of the Presidential Election. It's a sign of distress! This country can't take four more years of Obama's socialist agenda!


Reaganite Republican said...

I love this, the Gadsden too!!!

PFFV said...

It's in my front yard and I love my country James. We are so screwed and the Sheeple are to blame. They chose socialism over freedom at the expense of all of us. Revolution is coming sooner than I previously thought. God Bless and Happy Holidays.