Monday, December 31, 2012

"Fiscal Cliff" Progressive Evil - Taxes Go Up Either Way

"Fiscal Cliff!" is all hype by Obama and his National Lap Dog Media. This dysfunctional Government is not going to do anything to address the real problem 'Out Of Control Spending'. Raising Taxes on the job creators and the producers in our nation will only hurt our already fragile teetering economy. Costs of goods and services will sky-rocket because when you raise taxes on the job creators and the producers they have no choice but to pass the extra costs on to the consumer (this is assuming they can stay in business, many will no longer be able too).
This is simple economics but Obama supporters don't care, they just want their free stuff and their government goodies to continue regardless of who has to pay for it.
So we are going to crash financially it’s just a matter of when not if anymore. We are broke as a nation to the tune of nearly $17 TRILLION DOLLARS! A number that no one can even grasp let alone pay for.
We have a ruling class NOT a representative government! We have become so massive in size and scope with government that the only way out is to let the system collapse. Too much corruption is in place to overcome the tyrants.
Next they will try to disarm us so they can rule as a dictatorship. This will start the revolution in my opinion.
The only thing that stands between tyranny and freedom is an armed citizenry! It’s our last line of defense against pure evil! Mark my words Obama and these Liberal Progressives (Obama's National Media, Hollywood, nearly everything on TV) are evil, evil as hell!
If Socialism works so well why doesn't it work anywhere it is implemented? The only place it can work is where there is no freedom. If man can't be free what do we really have to live for?
The Sheeple (majority of American's) have been brainwashed to believe Government is the solution to all the world's problems. They won't see the truth until they are personally affected and by that time it will be too late.
God Bless Those that know better, the rest I could care less about, they are the (idiots that got us into this mess) problem!

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