Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Listen Government! We The People Need Answers!

Dear National Media,

Why Hasn't One Member of the National (so called) Media Asked our Politicians Why Our Government Can't Live Within Its Means Like All Americans Legally Have to Do? We Go To Jail For Huge Debt.
Why Do They Think They Can Get Away With Constantly Increasing Our $16.4 Trillion Dollar National Debt?
Why Does the Government Borrow 40 Cents Out of Every Dollar They Spend?
Why Can't They Find Any Wasteful Government Programs To Cut In Stead Of Raising Our Taxes?
Why Hasn't There Been A Legally Required Federal Budget in 4 Years?
Why Isn't Our Federal Government Held Accountable In Any Way For Its Irresponsible Out Of Control Spending? (They Just Voted Themselves Pay Raises Though.)
Americans Deserve Answers To These Questions (And Many More) Now!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WHY ? Because WE let them get away with it !
This may not be the case much longer.