Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Response to Liberal Craig Farrand - The News Herald

Article – What if your choice is not to choose? (via

You attack Paul Ryan’s Health Care Plan.

You say - "His solution: Give Americans some money so they can go shopping for health care insurance.”

The notion that government gives us money/free stuff is a disturbing yet admittedly a widely held warped view. The government takes money from us in the form of taxes; any money they get is ours from the beginning! To portray the government as the great savior to all our problems is why we as a nation are in debt nearly $16.5 Trillion Dollars in Debt and climbing faster each passing day!

The government is the last entity we should trust with our taxpayer’s money! Show me one federal government program that has operated within budget or with a profit margin? Yeah…. There is no such animal!

Post Office = Broke, Medicare/Medicaid = Broke, Social Security (Ponzi scheme) = Broke, on and on I can go with examples of why government & the public (indoctrination) education system IS The Problem NOT The Solution to our nation’s financial problems and moral compass issues!

President Obama and his/your ilk are the problem to put it quite frankly! You misinform the public just like all the mainstream media (with few exceptions) continues to do to this very day.

Here is what you said in your article “The fact is that ONLY the federal government, with the immense power of the public purse, can drive down costs.”

Apparently you don’t know much about our history, the greatest nation ever created on earth by civilized man! The free market/ capitalist system is the most brilliant system ever devised to date by modern man. It has made this nation the place to be for all walks of life all around the globe! Ever heard of the ‘American Dream’?

The competition between people/companies is the best way to drive down costs every time, it’s a proven fact.

You claim gas companies are a monopoly to back up your foolish notion government should take care of us; I find that laughable for many reasons. Who makes more money on the sale of gasoline the gas companies or the government? You (if being honest) already know that the federal and state governments, depending on what state you live in, take nearly double in profit what the ‘evil oil/gas companies’ make on each gallon of gas! Who has the monopoly? I and many of us common sense thinking American’s would say the government does already , and they are going for more power and control over our lives!!

In Summary Government needs to get back to the basics! Its way too big, bloated, and no one can hold this monster accountable because it is so big and out of control! Now You want to add the biggest entitlement program in history (ObamaCare) on top of our mountain of debt? You and your progressive/liberal ilk will be the death of this Free Republic! That is if we can’t stop you, your deception, propaganda and out-right lies to the people!

Be honest with your readers and just say you want to live in a Socialist Utopian Fantasy World where all things are free! NOT!

Sincerely Philip F. Faustman V

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