Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Don't Americans Care About Their Children's Futures?

I find it stunning how disconnected and oblivious most people (the majority) are from reality. The average citizen doesn't care about their rights being infringed upon by the politicians that are supposed to be representing "We the People". Our elected representatives are supposed to be looking out for us but instead they are taking advantage of us. We all have to be accountable, spend within our means and obey the laws, right? Why is Government held to a different standard?

Spending is beyond out of control to the tune of nearly $17 TRILLION DOLLARS and we are spending more tomorrow than we did today. History shows us that this will not end well if we don't do something now! On our current course the U.S. Dollar will collapse! Where is the concern or sense of urgency? Why don't people care about their children and grand children's futures? For the first time in our history as a free republic we are leaving a grim future for our children.



Liberal Indoctrination through TV/Hollywood, The National News and in our Public Schools?
All of the above!

There is no question that almost everything you watch on TV and everything that comes out of Hollywood is designed to influence you into thinking the way the Liberal/Progressives want you to think. There is 'one single channel' on cable TV that tells the truth (for the most part) and that is the Fox News Channel.

Public Schools are a huge indoctrination tool for the Liberals/Progressives as well. After all there is no better way to mold a persons mind than in the impressionable formulative years of ones youth all the way through college. The Liberal/Progressive Teachers Unions are behind this scheme too. This is why the Federal Government has no business in our schools in the first place. When Government gets involved it always goes badly.

The Federal Government can't operate any program within a budget EVER! Every Government program has gone bust! Post Office = Broke, Social Security = Broke, Medicare/Medicaid = Broke! You can't name me one single program that our out of control federal government has operated efficiently or within its originally stated budget. As if this isn't bad enough news, we are going to add the biggest government program in our history ObamaCare!

Government take over of our entire Health Care Industry that equals one sixth of our economy! Given our horrible history of government fraud and waste how will this be a good thing? It won't! The core problem is that they have no incentive to be efficient because they can just put it on the future generations (our children’s) tab/backs to pay later!

Every Government has waste and fraud so why would any common sense thinking person want bigger government? It only means much more waste and fraud! If we don't shrink the size/spending of government dramatically our nation is going to collapse! It's not a a matter of 'if' anymore but when!

Impeachable Offenses?

The low information citizen doesn't even know about 'Fast and Furious' Video Here. A secret government gun running program designed to funnel U.S. guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. They then were going to say "look we have a problem with U.S. guns getting into the hands of evil people so we have to start controlling guns." They want to take our 2nd amendment rights away from us! This operation was exposed but the national media covered it up, like they always do to protect Obama.

'Libya-Gate' - 9-11-2012 Video Here - Four American's were left to die at the hands of terrorists by Obama and his Administration! For political reasons Obama/Clinton made the call not to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens and three more Americans under attack for several hours at a U.S. compound in Benghazi. They begged for help and no one came! To make matters much more damning Ambassador Chris Stevens asked several times before this attack occurred for more security! He felt like they were sitting ducks, it turned out he was right. Once again the national media covered it up for their guy Obama.

I have put this piece together because I am scared for my children and all future generations way of life.

Do you agree we have a serious problem or are you part of the problem? Your choice.
Please educate yourselves! I am posting websites below if you want the truth and to stay up to date on what is really going on.

1. Drudge Report

2. Right Scoop

3. Breitbart

4. American Parchment

5. The Blaze

The other place I get my news is conservative talk radio. Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are great sources of truth. Liberals/Progressives hate them so that should tell you they are excellent.

Tea Party Morals and Values is the answer to our problem! Return to what our founding fathers intended, a small limited federal government!

Stick to the Constitution Stupid!

Common Sense Conservatism Is The Only Solution!

One last thing, Our politicians swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend The United States Constitution. They are doing the opposite! This is grounds for impeachment all by itself!

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