Friday, April 19, 2013

Marco Rubio is Not Conservative - We Have Been Fooled

The only way any immigration laws will work is to secure the border first! This was Rubio's original stance but of course he backtracks and says it can be done later.

Ronald Reagan (was hoodwinked) signed an immigration bill too with empty promises that the border would be secured at a later date. Of course it never happened.

If this immigration bill passes millions of undocumented Democrat's will flood into the U.S.S.A!

I like many others thought very highly of Marco Rubio but like many young politicians that talk a good game he too has been corrupted by the D.C. machine.

Another one bites the proverbial dust! Oh well, I think we are getting used to traitors in our midst by now.

Rush talks to Marco Rubio below and exposes his change of heart.

Mark Levin Interviews Rubio in a much more in depth discussion.

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