Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRS Singles Out Conservatives To Punish! Corrupt & Now in Control of our Lives!

I have said for years now that all governments have waste, fraud and abuses its power when it gets too big and bloated so why would anyone ever want government bigger?

The IRS has attacked conservative groups and individuals! Singled out because of their political beliefs!

To those that blindly trust big brother to be honest and do the right thing I say, you are a damn fool!
This is the same IRS that will be deciding who lives and dies under the ObamaCare Socialism Scam!

So if I am a conservative will I be singled out, put on the enemies list? In a short answer, Yes! It's already being done!

Wake up drones and sheeple! Government is way out of control!

Mark Levin 'The Great One' on The Hannity Show exposes the facts on The IRS attacking Conservatives, The Tea Party and even some liberal press! This is a serious unconstitutional abuse of power! Heads Must Roll!

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