Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Edward Snowden National Hero and Incredible Patriot! Video Interview

There are many things to be learned from the latest Obama scandal. First that no U.S.A. media could be trusted to report the truth, that's rather telling in itself I would say. So he asked the U.K. Daily Mail to do the interview because he knew no U.S. media outlet could be trusted, smart man.

Many in the beltway are calling him a traitor but a few like me are calling him a great American Hero! He sacrificed himself to expose the evils of the Corrupt Obama United States Government!

Why should he have kept this unconstitutional and Un-American program secret? Because he was inside the circle of trusted Traitors to the Constitution and the citizens of The USA? I say HELL NO!

I stand with him and the truth! This tyrannical government is way out of control on so many levels!

He came forward for 'We The People!' Now wake the hell up and fight for your freedom before it is taken from you!

He hasn't put anyone's life in danger or revealed any sensitive data that would cause the USA to be in danger from anyone other than its own citizens. There should be outrage but the Sheeple continue to sleep. I fear we are surrounded and possibly outnumbered by a combination of both braindead people and people that just don't give a damn. The greatest country in the world? I am not so sure anymore. Snowden cares more about us than our Rulers do that's for sure!

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