Thursday, June 20, 2013

Glenn Beck Exposes Evil Obama, Corrupt Government, National Media at DC Tea Party Rally (Video)

Once again Glenn Beck exposes the truth of Obama and his evil agenda! He gives an awesome speech at the Tea Party Rally in DC!

Glenn exposed the evil ideology of Obama back in 2007 but no one listened...well a few of us did. Obama is a pure Marxist Anti-American that is now implementing 'Cloward and Piven'. A plan to overwhelm our system and collapse it from within. All while he lives it up on the taxpayers dime, on an African Safari/lavish vacation costing us (taxpayers) $100 Million Dollars!

He tells us that we need to cut back and make sacrifices while he lives as the King and Dictator of We the people of The United (Socialist) States of America!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, Having a black man as President really IS sickening for you racists, huh?

He has never considered himself an American? Did you honestly just say that. And you are basing this on what?

He was born in America. He was raised and educated in America. he has worked in America, he has served his country and the state of Illinois in America, and now he is the leader of America doing the work for America.

I am pretty sure he considers himself American.

I don't think leading the nation out of near great depression to a recovering economy with record corporate profits and stock market numbers, lowering unemployment, ending war, et al was done because he HATES America and wants it to fail.

It is because though his political view is different than yours, he loves our country and wants what is best for it.

Instead of spreading myth and disinformation, take 7 minutes a week to actually support our nations leaders.

Thanks for proving my point! You obviously have no idea what Marxism and Communism means since the President isn’t even close to either of those Look at his policies. They’re not Marxist. They’re not even broadly socialist. You people call him a Marxist as a sub for Ni@@er!

Government Mess said...

Last line of defense by liberals is using the racist card, nice try.

If you had a brain you would check out my whole site here. It is loaded with proof of Obama's Anti-American ideology and actions.

Normally I delete comments such as yours but I felt you were the classic liberal in denial so I am taking the time to make an example out of you and Sheeple like you.

Obama is setting all kinds of records alright. Food Stamp program at a record high. More people are getting on disability than are finding jobs. Record numbers of people on welfare. I can go on and on but libtards like you and your ilk will never see the truth because you are in a constant state of denial.

Why did Obama let 4 American's get slaughtered in Benghazi?

Why did Obama allow Fast and Furious? Because he wanted to take our second amendment rights away that's why. Thankfully he was exposed.

Why is Obama buying up all the ammo and why is he buying dozens of armored personnel carriers for use in our country? Expecting a revolution maybe?

Obama has spent more than all the Presidents combined before him. He has been printing money out of thin air to prop up the stock market. He is all smoke and mirrors but finally people are starting to see him for the Anti-American Ba**ard that he truly is!

Lemmings like you will only see the truth when the sh*t hits the fan and then it will be too late. Thanks for being a good Sheep and making my point!