Saturday, June 29, 2013

Government Didn't Do That! We The People Did!

I think government is out of control in the name of bettering our society. Both parties are corrupt and are not representing we the people. I have joined millions of concerned constitution loving conservatives; they/we are called The Tea Party. We think the government is too big, bloated, corrupt, out of control and rife with fraud.

Why create more laws when we do not enforce the ones we already have? On our current course with government's out of control spending addiction we will have a financial collapse, its not a matter of 'if' any longer but when. The only solution to correct this crisis is to become accountable and responsible, dare I say we must live within our means. If a citizen were to behave as our government does we would be locked away in prison.

The people talking about these common sense solutions are a handful of Republicans and The Tea Party. I am a conservative as are most responsible law abiding citizens, whether they know it or not is a different matter. We have to pay our bills and live within our means, why shouldn't our government have to do the same?

All governments have a certain amount of corruption, fraud and waste so why would we want to continually grow it bigger to increase the amount of criminal activity against the will of the people?

Reagan had it right when he said "Government is not the solution to our problems, Government IS THE PROBLEM!"

There is a saying that is so true "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

We must shrink the size, scope and spending of government or freedom will be lost! This is the definition of a concerned patriot in my opinion. Those that look to government for solutions to societal problems/issues are brainwashed fools and are the core problem!

Zero Bills/Laws should be created before we address the biggest problem and threat to the USA! A $16+ TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT! It grows faster with each passing day! We are broke and they keep compounding the problem while the sheeple sleep!

Cut Government and Spending Now! Government should not be subsidizing anything!

Let the free market determine what survives and what fails! That's what made this nation the greatest economic engine and superpower known to modern man!

Government Didn't Do That! We The People Did!

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