Friday, June 21, 2013

Immigration/Amnesty Bill Will Cost Taxpayers a Trillion Dollars/Jobs - Heritage Foundation Video

Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for the truth that no one else cares to divulge to the American people. As always our national media fails to do its job reporting the truth while deceiving everyone that watches its liberal brainwashing propaganda!
On June 18, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) plans to release its score of S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. What do the CBO numbers reveal? What do they fail to include? What assumptions may be subject to question? Have other fiscal costs been overlooked? Are there any shortcomings that policymakers should address? Join us as our panelists examine these and other questions regarding the true costs of this proposed immigration reform legislation and the challenges it presents to our nation's fiscal well-being.

Long story short this proposed immigration/amnesty bill is a disaster for our nation!

I highly recommend that you consider joining The Heritage Foundation as it is the best source of investigative truth to what our government rams down our throats! Even if you don't want to join just visit the site to stay up to date on the truth about the latest events.

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