Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Time For The Tea Party To Rise Up and Fight Tyranny!

In light of recent events going on with out out of control tyrannical federal government my response to people wanting to go the 3rd party route is I agree 100%! We will never change the traiterous corrupt crooks called the Republican/Democrat Parties! Our Rulers obviously will never give a damn about "We The People", us the lowly commoners! From here on forward I will only vote for Tea Party Candidates and those of stated like minded values! No more voting for the lesser of 2 evils for me!

The real problem is reckless out of control federal spending! There should be no bills passed that increase spending or increase the size of government period! We as a nation are broke! We are closing in very rapidly on $17 Trillion in debt! These so called representatives of ours live high on the hog and give us the face-palm when we tell them NO MORE SPENDING AND NO MORE EXPANSION OF GOVERNMENT!

They wipe their a**es with The U.S. Constitution THEY SWORE AN OATH TO PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND! THE ENEMY IS WITHIN! They all should be thrown out/impeached or whatever equals their sorry butts being gone! I think they should be held accountable for crimes against the American People's best interests!

I see no recovery for our nation if Amnesty gets passed, we simply can't afford millions more free-loaders called Democrats/Progressives/Rino's. Kiss The USA Goodbye and welcome to the US(ocilaist)SA! Only God Can Help us Now. Prepare for the bloody revolution, sorry to say.

I have posted some outstanding sources for truth and facts that you won't see on TV. Below that is the Tea Party link that you can join if you want to help fight for our children's freedom.

Heritage Foundation - for the truth & facts about all the bills being rammed down out throats. You can also join them in their fight for freedom, I did.

Drudge Report - this is where I go every day for the real news that isn't on TV at all.

Right Scoop - I also visit this website daily for up to date government antics.

Freedomworks - a great conservative grass roots organization you can join that involves many conservative groups coming together as a network. 

Below are the 2 main Tea Party organizations you can join to help conservatives fight back against our out of control government.



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