Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July D.U.I. Checkpoint Freedom Celebration, "Get Out of The Car!" Viral Video

Many municipalities set up checkpoints for law enforcement to cut down on drunk driving over the Fourth of July holiday, but one stop in particular is getting national attention.

The now viral video posted to YouTube showing a man getting stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Rutherford County, Tennessee, has more than 2.8 million views as of Monday morning after being posted the night of the event.

The video includes what the driver believes to be a unconstitutional search of his car where an officer is even recorded saying the man is “perfectly innocent and he knows his rights.”

Interestingly, the resistance on the part of the driver and his recording of the incident was planned. The video shows driver, 21-year-old Chris Kalbaugh, has his window cracked as Deputy A.J. Ross walks over asking the man to roll it down further. Kalbaugh says he thinks the level he has it rolled down is “fine” because he is able to hear the officer adequately.

Ross asks how old Kalbaugh is (who before providing his answer responds asking if that’s even a relevant question), walks briefly toward the back of the vehicle, returns and then asks Kalbaugh to pull over or get out of the car very forcefully. Video below (More details via The Blaze Here)

Our Government now acts as if we are guilty until proven innocent, this is wrong! They now can pick and choose who they want to single out to violate our constitutional rights!

This is why you must never let government grow out of control endlessly. They always become to powerful and in many cases abuse their authority.

This is a microcosm of what our Government is doing on a much bigger scale. They create more wasteful departments and more unelected government bureaucrats in the name of (so called) public safety and betterment of our society. 

How much freedom do you have to lose before you realize it's gone?


Thanks to The Blaze for exposing the truth!

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